• Do you make custom stairs for a specific size or use?
    Our F-Series is the only line that can be customized.
  • Do I need to purchase the extra treads to get to my ceiling height?
    No, all the extra treads necessary for each model’s height range are included.
  • I am replacing an existing stair. Will your product fit my current opening?
    Consult the specifications chart for each model to determine the rough opening size required.
  • Do you make a stair to reach over 12′?
    Yes. See our new F Series folding ladders.
  • What is the depth of your tread?
    4 1/2″ on all models except the F-Series and G-Series. F-Series is 2 3/4″ and G-Series is 3 1/4″.
  • Do you ship outside the U.S.?
    We ship only within the continental U.S. and Canada.
  • Can I buy direct from you?
    We only sell direct if there are no authorized dealers within 40 miles. Our website dealer locator will provide a number to call in that event.
  • Can you recommend an installer?
    At present, we do not maintain a list of approved contractors for that purpose.
  • What is the warranty period on your products?
    One year from date of purchase.
  • How do you handle service issues?
    Click on the customer service button and complete form to report an issue online. Our customer service department will follow up with you to help resolve the problem.
  • Will your fire rated stairs be accepted by my building inspector?
    Building codes vary widely by location. Fire rating certificates can be downloaded from the product page and shown to the building inspector for approval beforehand.
  • Can your stairs be opened or closed from above?
    No, they cannot. While our remote controlled stair can technically work that way, there would be no way to lower it from above in the event of a power outage. (It can be manually opened or closed from below however).
  • Which stairs are rated for commercial use?
    Our F-Series and G-Series ladders. All others are sold for normal residential use only.
  • Where can I see your product?
    Our website dealer listing indicates which dealers have our product display on site. It is advisable to call the dealer in advance to confirm the display is still in use. In addition, our displays only feature the “Prestige” model.